Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hot Coffee Indeed!

I just had to make the title of this post the Jack Thompson reference I've been using all week for the tehskeen competition downloads. Anyways they finally came out after waiting for so long. There looks like there's quite a few pretty cool looking ones I haven't used any of them but I'll be posting a review of a couple to tell you how they are. They aren't on the Homebrew Browser just yet but i'm sure they will be shortly if you would like to manually download them they can be found HERE. It looks like theres quite a few really good homebrew to download from it and some others that are mostly basic games other people have already made. So far from what I see on the page I'm most excited to play Smashing and Portii. The game launching application looks awesomely useful. Anyways I'm off to test some of these out.

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