Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Humble Bundle now for Android!

I was introduced to Humble Bundle the end of last year by my friend. I've loved it ever since. What is Humble Bundle you ask? Well it's a pay what you want game pack that is put together every so often. Part of the proceeds go to one of many charities. For everything you get in the pack if you bought it separate it would be significantly more. The games are cross-platform Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. They are DRM free and you also receive steam codes for the Windows and Mac versions of the games as well. You also receive the sound tracks for each of the games. So basically you get super cheap games and you get to give to charity what more could you ask for in life! Humble Bundle is probably one of the best values you can ever get so go pick yourself up a copy right now and get your friend a copy too!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Google+ the Public Social Network.

I just read this case study by this guy Tim Moore about Facebook and Google+. I thought to myself how I use Facebook verses how I use Google+. My conclusion was Google+ is a Public Social Network and Facebook is a Private Social Network. Now what I mean by that is the majority of the things I share with people on Facebook I share with only my friends and not publicly. Now my question is what is the point of even posting things publicly on Facebook I don't really see a way for people to find public posts. I mean yeah you can probably use the search to be honest I've never really tried it before.

 On Google+ almost all of my posts are public and you can find them in multiple ways. If you follow me you can find them, if my post makes it to What's Hot you can find it, if it's reshared, or if you're searching for a certain topic you can find my posts. On Facebook I get very little replies to things I post. On Google+ I have complete strangers that comment, plus one, or reshare my posts. So I find I am more actively using Google+ than Facebook and in fact most of the posts I make on Facebook are just posts or other things I found on Google+. I find this a little ridiculous that most my posts come from Google+. Lately I've been trying to get my friends to try out and use Google+ I prefer it over Facebook and in my opinion I think it's an overall better service if you understand it and know how to use it. I thought I would share this with you guys anyways have fun using Google+!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally Hit 7,000 Views!

I'm really happy to announce that the site has finally hit 7,000 views! I thank everyone that has been visiting the site I'm hopefully getting a couple of my friends to start making some posts on here and get more content on here for you guys!. When I get some time I'm going to start doing more reviews and other posts my self. My goal for the site is to hit 10,000 views or more in the next couple months and get daily posts and increase the followers. Everyone please comment the posts, make suggestions to any improvements we can make I'd love to hear what you think about us. I am getting a lot of the site redesigned and I hope you like the new look. Over the next little while were going to switch the site over to be a more professional tech news site type look instead of just a blogger look. Please follow us on Google+ and comment there as well thanks again guys!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Google's Policy Change & Why it doesn't really matter.

"Our new Privacy Policy makes clear that, if you're signed in, we may combine information you've provided from one service with information from other services. In short, we'll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience."  

 Everyone and their dog is freaking out about Google changing their privacy policy globally across all their services. This is to benefit you and everyone else that uses Google. Now let's think about this logically you use Google most likely on a daily basis for everything, they already know everything about you and everyone else, don't you think they would have done something with that information if they were going to already. We all know they use it to make personalized ads big deal I get ads that want me to buy The Legend of Zelda merchandise. They are combining all their privacy policies and all their services into one tidy package aka Google+. This benefits us all we don't need 10 different accounts and profiles scattered around Google's different services. Your data that they already have i.e. everything you ever uploaded or input into anything Google related will be combined together and will be usable by you across all of Google. So there is no need to worry Google knows what they are doing. The privacy policy will be effective in march if you continue to use Google services after that point you automatically accept the new privacy policy. If you decide you don't want to accept the new policy feel free to delete all your Google related accounts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Domain Name!

Just thought I would tell you I switched the blog over to www.TehUberMicro.com! Anyways I'm pretty excited I got a real address now and I hope it will get me more traffic I really am trying to put time aside to post on here and hopefully I can get more writers and such for the site. My last post about WebRTC got hundreds of views. I really want to post more stuff you guys love and keep things awesome. Any suggestions are welcomed just post it in the comments or on the Google+ page. Please follow the blog's G+ page! You guys are awesome make sure to tell your friends about the new site.

Google Chrome the future of the internet.

     For a long time I've used Firefox and I enjoy it because it is so customizable gui wise. But a few months ago I started using Google Chrome and the extensions, stability, and innovation that is has are far surpassing what Firefox had to offer. Now let's look at a few things. Chrome is the closest to have complete compliance with the HTML5 standard on HTML5Test.com the latest nightly version of Chrome gets 387 and it should actually get another 20 points for having web cam input support now. Chrome is doing multiple things to help the user out. Number one it's allowing us to get rid of the "required" browser plugins like flash and the ones you need to use your web cam, microphone, or game controller on websites. Next with NaCl it is allowing us to run full applications and games without the need to download and install them on your computer you can just run them inside of Chrome. By allowing us to do these things it let's us put all of our stuff in one place and have it on the go any where we have Chrome. Eventually we will have full Chrome support on Android allowing us to do all these amazing things on all our other devices. Now taking it a level up Google+ which is integrating all of Google's Web services will become more integrated with Chrome allowing us one place for all of our computing needs. Anyways I'm excited for whatever the future brings and it looks great! Go Google!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

WebRTC Test

I thought that I would post this on my blog. It's a small html5 app that let's you do video calls without having an extension or plugin of any kind. Anyways in order to use this you need to have the latest Chrome Developer Channel installed you can find it HERE. But if you want to host your own you can download the files HERE. You'll need a friend to try this with. Anyways have fun!

EDIT: Well I removed the demo because someone posted a much better one HERE. Another blog post was made on WebRTC with more demos you can find it HERE.

Source: www.WebRTC.org

Friday, January 20, 2012

Been Busy

Sorry for the lack of posting on here lately. I've been pretty busy with college lately. I hopefully will post some awesome stuff soon. I will most likely do a review of Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Thunderbolt once it is fully functional! Anyways thanks for following me! If there is anyone that wants to write for the blog message me!