Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays! I probably won’t be posting news for a little bit since well there's not much to post and I’ll probably be busy. On a different note I’m in dire need of authors for the blog especially since I’ll be taking a long trip soon and I won’t be able to make posts.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dragonball Movie Trailer!


For those of you that are fans of the Dragonball and Dragonball Z anime shows this may interest you the first trailer for the live action movie has been released and it looks way awesome!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Club Nintendo in North America!


The long awaited Club Nintendo has come to North America you can now register games and take surveys and other things to get Free Rewards. If you’ve never heard of this before it has been offered in Europe and Japan for many years but now we can enjoy it as well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A-Patch now WLM RC1 Compatible!


For those of you that use WLM you can now use A-Patch to customize it to your liking including removing ads, removing timer for nudges, more then 3 transfers at once and many other things. Get it HERE.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Windows Live Essentials!

win live

Finally the long awaited WLE Pack has been released you can now enjoy Windows Live Messenger 9 RC1 with over 200 bug fixes as well as the other programs in the package! Get them HERE.

Edit: For those of you use that use Messenger Plus! this build is not fully compatible with the current version of it however it will load the menus and features such as tabs and Custom Statuses still seem to work.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

HBC Version 1.0.1!!


Well after a long wait the Home brew Channel finally has a new release. There’s not really many noticeable changes other then it being a little faster and you can use different kinds of controls. Hopefully in the future we will see more drastic changes such as DVD and USB drive loading for homebrew. Also I’m hoping that they will make it easier to organize your homebrew in the order you like it in future release.

Txting in Gmail!


If you haven’t logged into your Gmail account lately now is the time to do it because you can now txt message to USA cell phones directly from the Gmail chat. After your enable the SMS feature in the labs settings you can type a phone number in the chat to send messages to that person. Happy Txting!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homebrew launcher

I said I wouldn't completely give up on this blog, and I kept to my word :D

The Wii Homebrew launcher started out life before even the 10 minute limit version of the Homebrew channel, before wiimotes had even started to be usable. In truth, the Homebrew Launcher was the first Wii Homebrew loader with a graphical interface. And by god, even back then, it blew everything else completely out of the water. For the time, it was beautiful. Of course, it used a gamecube controller, the graphics by today's Homebrew standards were not too good, and it used the infamously terrible SD library, but it was the best thing anyone at the time had seen. Of course, since this was before the wad manager or the Homebrew channel, you had to use the slow-to-boot twilight hack to start all your Homebrew. However, takeup was slow, especially with developers who preferred the convenience of apps such as geckoload and tcpload (no prizes for guessing what those did), and including the title.bmp and title.txt that the app then used for the icon and the app name never really became the norm like it did on the hbc quite quickly. However, something as small as that didn't stop the many enthusiasts who created icon packs with icons for tens and later hundreds of apps in. The Homebrew launcher is now of course long obsolete and there is no reason to even think about downloading it.

Or so it would seem.

As a matter of fact, the Homebrew launcher is still very much alive and kicking, and it is mainly ignorance now that prevents people from using it.

The Homebrew launcher is amazing.

It has easy to use support for the four major media types on the Wii: SD cards, usb drives, DVDs, and samba shares. Of course, it fully supports both hbc's method of storing apps, and its own now rarely known about method. It supports Wiiload and compatible apps. Its skins and suPported languages are plentiful and easily customisable. It supports loading of your own Wii channels. It supports storing individual roms and loading them individually, if you modify the emulator slightly. It supports a miniature slideshow for each app if you so wish. The possibilities are almost endless. So, pick up the launcher, learn to get used to the slightly unusual pointer, and see how much easier it can make your life. You won't regret it.

The Homebrew launcher can be booted like any other app or installed like any other wad. For legal reasons, it has no banner.

Download: (if you're not french, use google translate)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New blog

I've made a blog for my development (because I was getting annoyed at my lack of being able to log in) on The same place where I will host everything in the future (WarpedFla's server)

All non-development posts will go on here as usual.

Thank you.


I've been unable to log into the blog lately, but that's all sorted now. I've done quite a few things since I last posted. I:
  • Got the new X driver working and made a script for it. This means it is now compatible with all video modes (theoretically; I still need to test 480p, I have the right TV and cable, just haven't been bothered yet). TODO: hack the driver to allow widescreen resolutions (should be relatively straightforward as long as there aren't any incompatibilities).
  • Got all of the wallpapers looking good, one for each screen resolution (this is set by the TV config script)
  • Made an alternative config for pypanel to compensate for PAL50's different overscan (again set by the TV config script)
  • Used and partially tested (only tested with the SD card, not with the image loading or USB loading features) nuvalo's new kernel that he made for me. This makes it quite literally 10 times faster, so some app changes I was going to make have also been canceled as the current ones are now fine and full speed.
  • Installed a hacked SDL version for supertux, broke DOSbox in the process. Will look into getting supertux to use a different one to DOSbox.

I miight have forgotten a couple of things. There are quite a few things I'm planning now, you'll see when I complete them ;p

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



It’s getting closer to the holidays and everyone wants to get thier family and friends something awesome. Well I got great news for you. You can get them something both awesome and cheap! Everyday Woot! has a special deal only one item on the site everyday buy it before midnight or your our of luck. Anyways I bought an awesome 10mpix Kodak Camera ($39.99)  and 2 Bluetooth headsets ($7.99 for both). These were awesome deals for awesome products I found the same camera at best buy for $200. Anyways get to shopping!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Twilight Hack for 3.4


I’m sure you all know by now that there is a new TLP hack for the 3.4 update. If you don’t know well now you do unfortunately for you this version is deleted every time you turn off your Wii. So install the HBC and get it over with so you don’t need the TLP hack any more.