Saturday, October 27, 2012

Windows 8 Release and my experience so far.

     I haven't posted anything for a while I've been pretty busy with school and what not. Now most of you probably know that Windows 8 was officially released on October 26th. I'm a Computer Science major at my college so in August I was able to download and install Windows 8 Pro before the official public release of the operating system. I must say that during the beta of Windows 8 I hated it and didn't like it and I thought "Metro" as it was called was horrible and not optimized for computers with mouse and keyboard. After using it full time I can tell you that I haven't gone back to Windows 7 since. The lack of start button seems odd, at first you find your self looking for it but, after a while the Start Screen seems so fluid and natural. I really like all the Metro apps that I have tried thus far especially the games. Now a lot of it was meant to be more touchscreen friendly but, I have found the final version of Windows 8 works quite well with mouse and keyboard. The key is to get used to it and learn all the different features and shortcuts of the Metro/Desktop hybrid interface that is Windows 8. I would say that overall the operating system is much faster it uses less than half the cpu/ram needed to run Windows 7 so you have more resources to run your many applications. Multi-tasking seems daunting at first but once you realize you can snap metro apps to either side and quickly flip between them it because fairly easy to multitask. I will say there are some aspects of Windows 8 that bother or annoy me and I hope they fix them. First of the fact that desktop applications don't show up as individual programs in the Metro style multitask sidebar while you're in a metro app is slightly bother some. Second it takes a while to find how to shut down and restart your computer it's kind of hidden in the Charm Bar. I easily corrected this by making a shut down shortcut on my Start Screen. Another thing is I really hope that some of the more major programs especially those that are free and open source start to show up in the Windows Store. I really love the Windows Store having one place to get programs for is awesome. I definitely recommend Windows 8 but it does have a bit of a learning curve but once you understand how it all works you won't go back to Windows 7. Anyways hope you enjoyed my little incite on Windows 8 and my experience with using it. I posted a really good article below about misconceptions about Windows 8 I really encourage you to read it if you feel like you have doubts about the os or just want to research a little more.