Friday, July 8, 2011

Go Launcher Ex Themes!

I have not posted on my blog in forever! Please forgive me anyone that is actually still following me! Lately since I've been home from my mission I've been getting into the Android Dev community and such. I'm also going to start school soon and I will be taking an Android Development class as part of my degree, since it counts and will also help me learn Java. Anyways I've been messing around a bit and I made a couple of Go Launcher Ex themes I thought I would share with you guys. Of course the first one is The Legend of Zelda. The second one is totally random it's a Facebook Theme. Anyways here they are! If you don't know what Go Launcher Ex is, it's a replacement launcher for Android that has a lot of customizable features including extra home screens, press to hold delete, and themes of course. I use all of GO Dev's products you can find their site located HERE!

My Themes

Legend of Zelda Theme:

Facebook Theme:

My original post on XDA can be found HERE. It also includes a small guide I wrote to help you get started so you can make your own GO Launcher Ex Themes!