Friday, December 23, 2011

GetJar Gold!

Many of you like me are Android users and you love to download apps but you don't like paying for them. GetJar Gold similar to Amazon's Free App of the Day is a program to get paid apps legally for free! They update GetJar Gold on a weekly basis adding new paid apps to the list. I've gotten so many paid apps for free between GetJar and Amazon that I almost never have to pay for any of my apps. If your like me you should check it out!

Native Client comes to Chrome!

Recently Google had a press release about Native Client (NaCl). Basically the idea behind it is you can run native code (C, C++, or C#) inside of chrome so you don't have to learn a new programming language and can even port existing programs to NaCl. This allows you to install a small extension into Chrome and then play games and use programs that you would other wise need admin privileges to install onto a computer. So far I have played three different games that have been ported to Chrome and can be found in the Chrome Web Store. My favorite so far is call Bastion it's quite an amazing game I highly recommend you check it out. I look forward to when I can install all my games this way it's a lot less hassle for me to do it this way and there is no limit on what an NaCl game can do. There are quite a few major game companies and partners that are working on products for NaCl including Square Enix, Unity Technologies, and Bungie. Anyways I posted some links below!

Friday, December 16, 2011

So many F2P Games! Why not Ultima Online?

So I've had a lot of fun and excitement lately. First they made World of Warcraft free to play till your level 20. Now Everquest II is free to play and I'm like that's awesome I've always wanted to play that but it's so much a month. Last night I was so excited to find that Lineage II one of my favorite games is now free to play as well. There is a new amazing Age of Empires Online also free to play. Than I found out about a new free to play Command and Conquer game. So many free to play games! So my question is why can't Ultima Online switch to the free to play model that would be amazing. Heck I would pay $50 for the game it's self if there wasn't any monthly fees. Ultima Online was the first to do it good and still does it the best except for the dated graphics there really isn't anything you can't do in UO. The game is now 14 years old and you can Build a house, tame a dragon, be a spellweaving ninja pirate, bake a pizza you name it! I hope someday soon I have my wish and I can play UO for free without paying $15 a month that I don't have. I put some links below have fun playing games for FREE!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

TripleTown Review

I'm not super big on browser based games or the type of genre Facebook originally seemed to have created. But I found this new game on Google+ it's a very unique little puzzle game I seem to keep going back to when I'm bored. The game is a puzzle game where you randomly get items to place into your little town and when you combined the items you create new plants or buildings in your town. As you play the game you learn how it works and you begin to build up your little town and have it last longer each time. The most dreaded items to get are the bears and ninja bears. Bears can be combined to create churches I found it fun to get as many bears as possible in a confined area and take them out all at once! Ninja bears on the other hand mostly get in the way teleporting around each time you place a new item blocking your way. If you ever get bored and want a unique new game to play I highly recommend this one to kill some time. The only thing I dislike about the game is after a while when you run out of moves you either have to wait a couple days to get more moves or pay actual money to buy them. Have fun building your town!

Increased Traffic :)

This month we had over 700 Views which makes me happy! This next month I want to get over 1,000 views and get more followers on my Google+ Page for the blog. I'm going to make more of an effort to post more often and post things that you guys want to see. Please post any suggestions or ideas to help me out! In the future once I get enough posts my self I plan on getting some more authors (not paid or anything just for fun unless we actually started getting ad money which so far we haven't had any). Also eventually I plan on getting a domain name for the blog next year! Anyways I appreciate everyone that commented and viewed the blog thanks a lot!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Skinny Google Bar

I found a user style on this site it wasn't exactly what I wanted so I tweaked it so it worked just right anyways I hope you guys like it all credit goes to the original author of the script please reshare so others can use it! You can find the script HERE. EDIT: This guy took my script I edited and made it even better check it out HERE!

Pre-Google Bar:

Google Bar Before Script:

Google Bar after Script is applied:

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Google Bar and YouTube rolling out!

Well the new Google Bar and YouTube are rolling out but I have been using them early before I officially got the roll out with a simple cookie change.

To get the Google Bar early on Chrome while on press ctrl+shift+j click CONSOLE (on firefox just press ctrl+shift+k) then copy and past the following and click enter after which refresh the page.

document.cookie="PREF=ID=03fd476a699d6487:U=88e8716486ff1e5d:FF=0:LD=en:CR=2:TM=1322688084:LM=1322688085:S=McEsyvcXKMiVfGds;; path=/; expires=" + (new Date("2013-12-1")).toUTCString()

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ColorEye App Review

I haven't really done any reviews of any kind for a while so I thought I would do one for an app my friends at Valkoria Software are making. It's a unique idea I don't think I've seen anyone else try and do. The app uses the camera on your Android device to determine what color objects are. It displays the name of the color as well as the RGB and other information. This app is not only useful for Artists but also by people that are color blind in fact many of these people have actually gave this app good ratings and commented that it has helped them quite a bit. Valkoria software is a newly founded software development company in the near future they plan on releasing more apps including one called codename smoke bomb. I look forward to seeing their new apps anyways give ColorEye a try it's pretty awesome!

 Market Download

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google+ Revolution?

I've been using Google+ for quite a while now and I love it! Google is amazing and they are smart. I think I have a small idea of what they are planning with G+. They have said they will integrate it into all their services and there will be only one login and profile for all of your Google Service needs! What does this mean exactly? Well here is my idea for this. This is very preliminary I might decide to add more to the concept later.

In this mockup it has the new Google Bar (This may not be completely what it looks like because I have yet to receive the new update) that is rolling out right now. I added both YouTube and Blogger Tabs to the profile.

This mockup is how the YouTube tab in a G+ Profile could look integrating the users YouTube Channel into the tab.

The Blogger tab pulls the rss feed from the users blog and shows all their blog posts inside of G+ the user can also choose to create a G+ Page for his Blogger account and have that as a feed for others that want to follow the blog on G+.

These images are simply mockups of some ideas I have for the future of Google+ I hope that you guys like that and hopefully someday similar ideas will be implemented into Google+ creating a services that combines all the Google services in a way that would be easy for everyone!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Google+ Page!

    I created a Google+ Page for the blog to try and gain more followers. I hope that more people will start following once again. I'm going to try and start posting more and I also need more writers for my blog so if your interested contact me! This is just for fun it's not a job or anything I just do it for a hobby. Anyways I hope you guys like the blog and what I'm posting hopefully I Get more interesting stuff soon!

You can find our page HERE!

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Go Launcher Ex Themes

Lately I have been making more Go Launcher Ex Themes and uploading them to the Android Market. A new ThemeFactory has been released and I encourage Artistically talented people to make a theme or two. If you like my themes please consider buying one of my paid themes as a donation!

GreenDroid Donation

Market Link

Rainbow Circles

Market Link


Market Link 
This is a CM7 Theme I ported to Go Launcher the Original can be found HERE,

Screenshot Gallery of all my Themes
My Go Launcher Theme Thread on XDA

Note: My Zelda Theme and Facebook Theme are no longer on the Market because of Copyright issues so if you want them they can be found in Theem Thread.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Why I don't like Apple.

Most of you know I don't like Apple (I make it pretty obvious) I have multiple reasons why that is. I've had many bad experiences with Apple's products. In high school I used Macs for two years in my media production class because of data corruption (which happened for no apparent reason) my 3 week project was lost this happened to me twice.
A lot of people don't know this but for 3 months I owned an iPhone (it didn't have service though) but honestly that didn't matter the fact that it was so uncustomizable and was locked to one computer and forced you to use iTunes made it horrible.
Now let's evaluate this more. Yes in many ways mac is better in that it has (until recently) better security than Windows. Next up it has a lot of good software that comes with it iMovie, garage band, ect. It is based off of Unix (but if I want to go that route I would choose the better free OS Ubuntu which I dual boot already). They are made to be so insanely simple anyone can use them (or so I'm told I have yet to find that to be true but I haven't learned all the new shortcuts on it).
Now here is why it isn't good. All Apple hardware is "proprietary" but after IBM ditched Apple and Intel started making the hardware that became mostly a lie. Yes the adapters and such are all custom but the actual hardware is exactly the same hardware that is used in a PC. Now that brings me to my next reason why I dislike Apple all their products are horribly over priced your paying for hardware that you can get on a PC for $300-$600 on a Mac it cost $900 to $2500. If I wanted to use Mac OS X I could download it and install it on a computer I paid $300 for because it's the exact same hardware just in a different package. The software for Macs is very limited and uncustomizable I have thousands if not more of applications for a PC or a Linux computer than a Mac.
My conclusion is that if people did their research and tried other products they would find much better products for less money with more options and openness. Now for phones, tablets and media players (not a lot yet but very soon there will be quite a few) there is Android which is an open source operating system based on Linux created and maintained by Google. You can do anything you want on Android devices from installing non-market applications out of box to completely replacing the OS with another unofficial customized or newer version of the software. I plug my phone into my computer and it comes up as an external drive I can drag and drop files to it or use any program to sync to it. Or I can throw files on it over a network. My homescreen is completely customizable with apps, widgets, live wallpaper, and themes on IOS you have an endless row of unorganized apps and you can have a different wallpaper no custom anything without jail breaking your device and even then the unofficial stuff is limited by what the OS allows.
For computers there are many options if you don't like Windows I understand Windows does not have a good track record for being secure and 75% of viruses are for Windows XP (so get a Win7 PC that resolves this problem!). The main security issue is the user, if you use good Anti-virus software which you should on any OS and you exercise caution you won't get viruses. I haven't had a virus effect my computer for like 5 years (excluding the time I was away for two years I couldn't protect what my sibilings did to my pc) so it is possible not to have viruses attack our PC every second of the day if you train your self the right security precautions.  If you want to use something other then Windows use Ubuntu Linux it's probably more secure then Mac OS X and best of all it's FREE and 99% of the software that runs on it is FREE. It will do everything your Mac does and most things a PC will do. I choose to use Windows because I am more proficient with it but if the new version goes in a direction I don't like I'll just switch to Ubuntu Linux. Now the reasons I will never use macs are that they are overpriced and completely closed off, they force you to use their software, their unupgradable/unfixable hardware, they sell you a product that does less for more of your money when other products that cost less money are in reality better. This is all from my experiences with technology in all three major OSes of Computers and other electronics of course everyone has the right to their own opinion on the matter but I hope that you re-evaluate yours based on the information I have presented to you in this blog post.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I just thought I would take a little time to talk about Google+ or G+ as a lot of people are referring to it now. G+ is Google's new social network to rival Facebook. When it first came out I wasn't sure if I liked it and how simple it was but as I dove in more and more I was able to find that G+ has many useful features that Facebook lacks.

First of all it's different in the fact that if you have someone in your circle (instead of friends you have circles) you are following those people and you may or may not be in the other person's circle. Similar to following people on Twitter, circles are independent of everyone else's profile so if you or the other person chooses they can be removed with out anyone ever knowing. It's also a simple way to conveniently separate people into their proper social groups aka Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and people who you're just following.

Next up in G+'s line of features is drag and drop sharing of pictures and videos and soon files as well. I find it way more time consuming to upload pictures to Facebook, on G+ I just type my comment drag and drop my pictures or videos and click share, choosing who I want to share it with (everyone, extended circles, specific circles, or only certain people.). Personal messages can be done privately via the main page by simply choosing only that person to share a comment with, thus resolving the dreaded personal message wall posts Facebook is plagued with.

Now my all time favorite feature offered by G+ is the Hangout. When you "Hangout" on G+ you enter into a multi-person video chat which you can have up to ten people in, simultaneously, all with their own webcams and microphones! In addition to that you are able to have text and watch YouTube videos together even videos that have a live feed! To hangout you simply click the green "Start a Hangout" button on the right side of the screen and choose who you want to invite (just like sharing things, you can choose everyone, extended circles, specific circles, or only certain people.). Once you do this it will post an invitation that shows who is in the hangout and it will show up on everyone's feed who was invited. You can also add people by sharing the url that the hangout has which is unique to that specific hangout.

In Addition to the actual website that G+ has, there is also an Android application which has an auto-upload feature for pictures and videos you take with your Android device. It has many other features which I won't be covering in my review of G+. The app can be found at the link at the beginning of this review.
I hope you enjoyed my small overview of Google+ and what it is. I hope to see you on Google+ soon!

Here are some useful links to help you get started with your Google+ experience:

Earth Eternal: Reborn

I've been waiting a long time to play this game and it is amazing! My brother, a few of my friends, and I have been playing this game for the past week or so and it's pretty awesome there aren't any humans in the world of Earth Eternal only animals! So you get to choose to be a Wolf or one of the many of races available as well as there being several classes to choose from. Please keep in mind this is an open beta and it has a few bugs here and there and unfortunately after the beta all characters will be wiped to start fresh for the final version of the the game. I encourage you to check it out! You don't need to create an account just use your Facebook account to login. The game is free and will continue to be after the final release.

New Team Bamf Website!

As I posted before I have an HTC Thunderbolt I use a custom rom known as Das Bamf by a group called Team Bamf and they have an awesome new website and forum for anyone who wants to check it out it's the best rom out there for the TB! Anyways check it out!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Go Launcher Ex Themes!

I have not posted on my blog in forever! Please forgive me anyone that is actually still following me! Lately since I've been home from my mission I've been getting into the Android Dev community and such. I'm also going to start school soon and I will be taking an Android Development class as part of my degree, since it counts and will also help me learn Java. Anyways I've been messing around a bit and I made a couple of Go Launcher Ex themes I thought I would share with you guys. Of course the first one is The Legend of Zelda. The second one is totally random it's a Facebook Theme. Anyways here they are! If you don't know what Go Launcher Ex is, it's a replacement launcher for Android that has a lot of customizable features including extra home screens, press to hold delete, and themes of course. I use all of GO Dev's products you can find their site located HERE!

My Themes

Legend of Zelda Theme:

Facebook Theme:

My original post on XDA can be found HERE. It also includes a small guide I wrote to help you get started so you can make your own GO Launcher Ex Themes!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well just like it says. Unfortunately there has been a huge Storm here in the South that caused a lot of damage I'm mostly undamaged how ever we remain with out power for possible the next 4 to 7 days! I'm running on a gas generator and my internet is pretty unreliable. I'm hoping things get better. The video on here isn't mine but it shows some of what happened if you want to see others go to youtube and type in East Limestone Tornado.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Posting from HTC Thunderbolt!

Just a test post from my phone! Awesome!

4G LTE VS 3G!!

Uploaded with

While I was in Atlanta, Georgia I had a chance to try out some 4G LTE awesomeness any this was my highest test results on's App on my HTC Thunderbolt it was blazing fast and freaking amazing anyways my average was about 10 to 15Mb/s on 4G LTE and probably 1Mb/s on 3G. Verizon is amazing they just need to hurry up and get 4G LTE working in Huntsville and Decatur so I can get it in Athens where I live!

Finally back!

Well as I posted two years ago I left on a two year mission for my church and was not able to post on here during that time period anyways I'm back and ready to post again! I just got an HTC Thunderbolt and I love it I'll be getting into the Android Development Scene right now trying to code apps and probably roms trying to get stuff going as I try and learn more stuff to help me out with school. I'll post anything I make on here to try out or any reviews I have of products and apps I use. Anyways thanks for supporting me and my blog!