Friday, September 16, 2011

Why I don't like Apple.

Most of you know I don't like Apple (I make it pretty obvious) I have multiple reasons why that is. I've had many bad experiences with Apple's products. In high school I used Macs for two years in my media production class because of data corruption (which happened for no apparent reason) my 3 week project was lost this happened to me twice.
A lot of people don't know this but for 3 months I owned an iPhone (it didn't have service though) but honestly that didn't matter the fact that it was so uncustomizable and was locked to one computer and forced you to use iTunes made it horrible.
Now let's evaluate this more. Yes in many ways mac is better in that it has (until recently) better security than Windows. Next up it has a lot of good software that comes with it iMovie, garage band, ect. It is based off of Unix (but if I want to go that route I would choose the better free OS Ubuntu which I dual boot already). They are made to be so insanely simple anyone can use them (or so I'm told I have yet to find that to be true but I haven't learned all the new shortcuts on it).
Now here is why it isn't good. All Apple hardware is "proprietary" but after IBM ditched Apple and Intel started making the hardware that became mostly a lie. Yes the adapters and such are all custom but the actual hardware is exactly the same hardware that is used in a PC. Now that brings me to my next reason why I dislike Apple all their products are horribly over priced your paying for hardware that you can get on a PC for $300-$600 on a Mac it cost $900 to $2500. If I wanted to use Mac OS X I could download it and install it on a computer I paid $300 for because it's the exact same hardware just in a different package. The software for Macs is very limited and uncustomizable I have thousands if not more of applications for a PC or a Linux computer than a Mac.
My conclusion is that if people did their research and tried other products they would find much better products for less money with more options and openness. Now for phones, tablets and media players (not a lot yet but very soon there will be quite a few) there is Android which is an open source operating system based on Linux created and maintained by Google. You can do anything you want on Android devices from installing non-market applications out of box to completely replacing the OS with another unofficial customized or newer version of the software. I plug my phone into my computer and it comes up as an external drive I can drag and drop files to it or use any program to sync to it. Or I can throw files on it over a network. My homescreen is completely customizable with apps, widgets, live wallpaper, and themes on IOS you have an endless row of unorganized apps and you can have a different wallpaper no custom anything without jail breaking your device and even then the unofficial stuff is limited by what the OS allows.
For computers there are many options if you don't like Windows I understand Windows does not have a good track record for being secure and 75% of viruses are for Windows XP (so get a Win7 PC that resolves this problem!). The main security issue is the user, if you use good Anti-virus software which you should on any OS and you exercise caution you won't get viruses. I haven't had a virus effect my computer for like 5 years (excluding the time I was away for two years I couldn't protect what my sibilings did to my pc) so it is possible not to have viruses attack our PC every second of the day if you train your self the right security precautions.  If you want to use something other then Windows use Ubuntu Linux it's probably more secure then Mac OS X and best of all it's FREE and 99% of the software that runs on it is FREE. It will do everything your Mac does and most things a PC will do. I choose to use Windows because I am more proficient with it but if the new version goes in a direction I don't like I'll just switch to Ubuntu Linux. Now the reasons I will never use macs are that they are overpriced and completely closed off, they force you to use their software, their unupgradable/unfixable hardware, they sell you a product that does less for more of your money when other products that cost less money are in reality better. This is all from my experiences with technology in all three major OSes of Computers and other electronics of course everyone has the right to their own opinion on the matter but I hope that you re-evaluate yours based on the information I have presented to you in this blog post.