Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shroud of the Avatar, Richard Garriott's new game!

  As of late I've neglected my website and some how still managed to get almost 700 views last month. Some of you may have wonder where I went off to. The simple answer is between life and Shroud of the Avatar I haven't given much time to the site. Now what is Shroud of the Avatar you might ask? Well it's an amazing spiritual successor to Ultima and Ultima Online! The game itself is a new genre that they are calling Selective Multiplayer Online.

  The concept behind this is that you can choose between various modes when you login to the game. Single Player Offline, Single Player Online, Friends Only Online, and Open Player Online (which is closer to an mmo style). The game features a unique overland map filled with hundreds if not thousands of hexes each of which is a large instanced area when you enter it. The game is currently in pre-alpha stages and is scheduled to release later this year around October.
You can buy the game right now by backing it with a pledge. There are several tier levels each with their own set of rewards so the more you pay into and support the game the more rewards you get! By backing the game early you’re able to play in the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta testing of the game. Currently there are monthly pre-alpha play periods at set times the next one being Release 5 which takes place between April 24th to April 27th 2014. Each test period has patches to the game and adds in new features and bug fixes. Although things are still rough around the edges, unpolished, and buggy each and every release has been amazing!
  Shroud of the Avatar will be a game for every time of gamer from crafting, role playing, fighting, and also questing. If you love story Tracy Hickman the author of the Dragonlance series is writing the story in conjunction with Richard Garriott. There is a prequel novel being written with chapters being released every week for those that buy the novel.

  So far my experience of Shroud of the Avatar has been amazing! It brings back memories from my days of playing Ultima Online. It also has an amazing community and developers. If you are a skilled person in art, music, modeling, writing, or possibly programming you can submit things you create to be part of the game and get paid to do so! Not only that but they improve what you submit and give it back to you and you maintain the rights to it and can sell it!

Shroud of the Avatar is looking to be an amazing game so I encourage you all to check it out! I’m the owner of the Shroud of the Avatar Google+ Community so I also encourage you to join us over there and participate in the fun!