Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well just like it says. Unfortunately there has been a huge Storm here in the South that caused a lot of damage I'm mostly undamaged how ever we remain with out power for possible the next 4 to 7 days! I'm running on a gas generator and my internet is pretty unreliable. I'm hoping things get better. The video on here isn't mine but it shows some of what happened if you want to see others go to youtube and type in East Limestone Tornado.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Posting from HTC Thunderbolt!

Just a test post from my phone! Awesome!

4G LTE VS 3G!!

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While I was in Atlanta, Georgia I had a chance to try out some 4G LTE awesomeness any this was my highest test results on's App on my HTC Thunderbolt it was blazing fast and freaking amazing anyways my average was about 10 to 15Mb/s on 4G LTE and probably 1Mb/s on 3G. Verizon is amazing they just need to hurry up and get 4G LTE working in Huntsville and Decatur so I can get it in Athens where I live!

Finally back!

Well as I posted two years ago I left on a two year mission for my church and was not able to post on here during that time period anyways I'm back and ready to post again! I just got an HTC Thunderbolt and I love it I'll be getting into the Android Development Scene right now trying to code apps and probably roms trying to get stuff going as I try and learn more stuff to help me out with school. I'll post anything I make on here to try out or any reviews I have of products and apps I use. Anyways thanks for supporting me and my blog!