Friday, January 27, 2012

Google+ the Public Social Network.

I just read this case study by this guy Tim Moore about Facebook and Google+. I thought to myself how I use Facebook verses how I use Google+. My conclusion was Google+ is a Public Social Network and Facebook is a Private Social Network. Now what I mean by that is the majority of the things I share with people on Facebook I share with only my friends and not publicly. Now my question is what is the point of even posting things publicly on Facebook I don't really see a way for people to find public posts. I mean yeah you can probably use the search to be honest I've never really tried it before.

 On Google+ almost all of my posts are public and you can find them in multiple ways. If you follow me you can find them, if my post makes it to What's Hot you can find it, if it's reshared, or if you're searching for a certain topic you can find my posts. On Facebook I get very little replies to things I post. On Google+ I have complete strangers that comment, plus one, or reshare my posts. So I find I am more actively using Google+ than Facebook and in fact most of the posts I make on Facebook are just posts or other things I found on Google+. I find this a little ridiculous that most my posts come from Google+. Lately I've been trying to get my friends to try out and use Google+ I prefer it over Facebook and in my opinion I think it's an overall better service if you understand it and know how to use it. I thought I would share this with you guys anyways have fun using Google+!

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Unknown said...

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